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M. Sc. Wildlife Biology and Conservation, Wildlife Conservation Society-India Program, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India, 2014.

B. Sc. Environmental Science, Zoology, Chemistry, Mount Carmel College-Autonomous, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India, 2010.

Rescue Diver, PADI, INDIA, 2015.

E-mail: chetana.puru11@gmail.com

Profile: In the years following my Bachelor’s degree in 2010 I was lucky enough to be a part of an assortment of ecological research in the southern and central Western Ghats. These projects gave me the opportunity to be around and observe amazing fauna, from gliding lizards and amphibians to shola endemic song birds. This brief exposure to field research, conservation issues and interaction with scientists gave me the motivation to pursue a career in applied ecology. With a broad interest in studying animal communities, in 2012 I enrolled in the WCS-India Master’s program in Wildlife Biology and Conservation at NCBS, TIFR. Like many of the alumni of this course, by the end of the marine ecology module at the Andaman and Nicobar Environmental Team (http://anetindia.org/) in our second year, I had my heart set on the marine systems, the Andaman archipelago and the incredible life it harbours.

For my dissertation, under the supervision of Dr. Naveen Namboothri and Dr. Suhel Quader, I examined how patterns of coral community structure are influenced by seasonal terrestrial runoff. The study, although preliminary, has now channelled my interest towards studying how coral reefs respond to and recover from environmental disturbances and the importance of land-sea linkages in influencing this process. Through my research I hope to better understand ecological processes driving reef recovery in the Andaman waters and in collaboration with local government bodies and organisations, attempt to effectively address the conservation challenges they face.


Current Projects:


Master’s Thesis

Purushotham, C.B, Namboothri and N, Quader, S (2014).  Responses of coral communities to a chronic sediment influence in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, South Andaman. Master’s thesis submitted to Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. 29pp     Papers

  • Purushotham,C.B, V.V Robin. 2015.Different song traits segregate populations isolated by ancient genetic barriers and recent deforestation on a sky island system. In review.
  • Tapley.B and Purushotham, C.B (2011). Fighting behaviour in the Bicoloured frog Clinotarsus (Rana) curtipes  Jerdon, 1854. Herpetology Notes 42(1): 353-355 http://goo.gl/2j48Pj
  • Sreekar, R., Saini.K., Rao, S.N and Purushotham, C.B (2011). Predicting lizard gender: Sexual dimorphism inCalotes rouxii (Reptilia: Agamidae) from Agumbe, Karnataka, India. Herpetological conservation and biology.6(1):75−80http://goo.gl/hAEyd5    


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