Dakshin’s reduction fisheries project sails to Palk Bay!

By E. Haripriya and Meghana Teerthala | After an intensive and insightful fieldwork at Mangalore, we set sail to Palk Bay this September to initiate reduction fisheries work in Tamil Nadu. Palk Bay is a shallow stretch of sea between India and Sri Lanka with a rich seagrass ecosystem. Besides, it is also known for its geopolitical intricacies pertaining to the fisheries sector.

We started with a rapid two-week scoping exercise covering 8 fish landing centres along Palk Bay, from Mallipattinam in the north to Rameshwaram in the south.

Building infrastructures of resilience among migrant fishers

By Satya Sainath | As part of our ongoing project on Migration and Infrastructures of Resilience of Small Scale Fishers’, we co-created Community-Databases of Migrant Fishers (CDMF) in select villages of two districts – Ganjam, Odisha, and Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. CDMF provides vital information to gram panchayats to reach migrant workers in case of under emergencies.
We are in the process of piloting an Interactive-Voice Response (IVR) system to reach migrant fishers in these two sites. Through this IVR initiative, vital information on entitlements, welfare schemes of the state governments, health and safety information on migrant fishers and the latest judicial rulings pertaining to their rights can be shared. Read more.