Re-viewing coastal conservation – Dakshin collaboration with the ALT Environmental Film Festival

In a bid to raise critical conversation and foster community engagement on coastal conservation, the All Living Things Environmental Film Festival (ALT EFF) collaborated with Dakshin’s field teams to host a series of impactful film screenings across three diverse locations in India. The events were held in Ganjam (Odisha), Olaikuda (Tamil Nadu), and Malvan (Maharashtra) in early December 2023 and provided a unique platform for initiating discussions on pressing coastal challenges and highlighted the pivotal role of community participation.

Celebrating World Fisheries Day

World Fisheries Day on 21st November 2023 witnessed vibrant celebrations across the diverse coastal landscapes of India organised by our teams. The activities organised echo the shared commitment to sustainable fishing practices, community well-being, and the preservation of coastal ecosystems.

Pushing the e-cart ahead

By SeaChange team, ANI | As we continue our efforts to improve the waste management system in Wandoor, one of the biggest roadblocks that we can’t seem to get around is the equipment and machines on which the system depends. Whether it is an incinerator to burn sanitary waste, a baling machine to compress the segregated waste or an electric vehicle which sanitation workers use to collect waste from across the village – a problem in any single one of these would ideally turn the system upside down.

Waste: Is It Merely A Matter Of Governance, Or Consumption, Or Just Litter?

By Shamili Mohanakannan | Most of us would have always pondered what that green recycling symbol with some weird numbering at the back of our milk packet is (you might want to look at your soy milk carton, if you’re lactose intolerant). Or think about that one bamboo toothbrush brand that loves to call themselves ‘sustainable’ (forget their bristles and plastic cover on top of it), our toothpaste tubes, shower gels and cosmetic bottles (not to mention those exfoliating microbeads), those everyday tetra paks and sachets in our kitchen, that packed drink we’ve been bingeing on, those thin foils and Styrofoam boxes that has our food covered, that fancy zero-waste running shoes, in fact, our online deliveries that comes with never-ending plastic wrappers on it. You name it.

Neglected Voices

By Ithihaas R. | The most exciting aspect of my experience working in the development sector has been settling in a new place, interacting with the local community, and gaining their acceptance. Sports have always been a major bridge for me to connect with new communities. It was in the same interest that I approached local footballers when we first shifted to the field station in Pamban.