A Day with Dakshin

by Namrata Lunia

Dakshin Foundation turned 13 on the 22nd of July, 2021, and to celebrate the occasion, we invited our online community to spend the day with us (virtually) on the 24th of July, Saturday. Registrations opened up a week before and with over 100 registrations, the response to the event exceeded our expectations!  

The virtual meet was divided into six sessions, where the audience got to meet and interact with members of our programmes. The main goal was to provide the larger Dakshin online community with the opportunity to ask questions and learn about our work.

As varied questions poured in from people from different walks of life, it was extremely encouraging to see high levels of interest not just in the work that we do but also in the preservation of the environment and livelihoods. Here’s a great example of a question from a registrant that showed a holistic approach to conservation – “How can we control fisheries without affecting the major population who is dependent on fishing financially?”.  Tackling such questions that don’t typically have a “right answer” led to a very interesting discussion that became an eye opener for many. Many audience members were also seeking career advice and the sessions helped expose them to numerous ways in which they could contribute to conservation. 

This event helped us get to know members of our online community and we hope to organize similar events in the future! 

P.S. – You can find recordings of each session on our YouTube channel if you’re interested in watching! 

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