Rethinking community wellbeing in coastal Odisha

By Madhuri Mondal | When the pandemic broke out in several parts of India, the community wellbeing team was in Ganjam, Odisha ideating with the village institutions for the initiation of the programme in the area. The pandemic broke out while we were making plans to conduct workshops and awareness programmes on hygiene and sanitation. Numerous myths started circulating

Channeling news during the lockdown

By Shruti Sunderraman | Engaging with the media has been a crucial part of bringing attention to the struggles faced by the fishing community across coastal India. Over the course of the lockdown Dakshin staff provided journalists with news from the field, a breakdown of the implications of various policy decisions, as well as connected individuals and unions to journalists to tell their stories.

Arribada in a lockdown

By Mohit Mudliar and Chadana Pusapati | A large part of the world was struggling with Covid-19 during the last week of March 2020 while in our field station in Ganjam, Odisha we were discussing whether the arribada (the mass nesting of olive ridley turtles) would begin on March 20th or not. Dakshin Foundation has been working with the Odisha forest department for the past 12 years on monitoring olive ridleys on Rushikulya beach.

Creating ‘community’ through social media

Creating ‘community’ through social media By Anadya Singh   Social media with it’s unparalleled reach, saw a coming of age during this pandemic. While our physical reality imposed strict adherence to physical distancing norms, the world of social media allowed people to come together, participate and organize in favour of those less fortunate. Dakshin too…

Launching fisheries co-management in Lakshadweep Islands

Ajithraj R. and Prerana Gawde After a two month-long election frenzy, midway through the month of Ramadan, in the muggy heat of Lakshadweep, and with a disordered circadian rhythm, we officially launched “fisheries co-management” jointly with the Lakshadweep Fisheries Department, in Kavaratti, the capital of Lakshadweep, earlier this year. Fisheries Co-management is an approach that…

Effect of Nest Environment on Olive Ridley Hatchlings

Chandana Pusapati Nest environment influences various life history parameters in sea turtles such as embryonic development, gas exchange, sex determination, hatchling morphology and physiology etc. With growing sand temperatures around the world, sea turtle hatchlings face an eminent threat in the form of reduced size and locomotor ability due to high nest temperatures, leaving them…