Building infrastructures of resilience among migrant fishers

by Satya Sainath

i. Meeting with Gram Panchayat representatives on CDMF and IVR at Pallibandha Gram Panchayat, Odisha 
ii. Meeting with Ooru Panchayat (traditional institutions) and Gram Panchayat representatives on CDMF and IVR in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu

We are in the process of piloting an Interactive-Voice Response (IVR) system to reach migrant fishers in these two sites. Through this IVR initiative, vital information on entitlements, welfare schemes of the state governments, health and safety information on  migrant fishers and the latest judicial rulings pertaining to their rights can be shared. 

Gram Panchayat representatives see value in our initiative and expressed public support and future cooperation in scaling this exercise to cover other villages too. Officials of the labour and fisheries department that we met expressed verbal appreciation and support for our idea of community-based migrant databases and IVR. 

Sharing the details about the interventions wih District Labour Officer, Ganjam and Additional Fisheries Officer (Marine), Ganjam

Through meetings with village institutions, gram panchayat representatives and government officials, we were able to get crucial information on migration and the gaps in policies and schemes regarding migrant fishworkers. In this process, we also built connections with leaders and officials to bring them on board for further discussions. 



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