CC chugs along

by Devathi Parashuram and Shivangi Pant

There have been a few changes at Current Conservation since our last newsletter update. Greta Ann Sam has been Managing Editor since April. In May, we welcomed Shivangi Pant on board, as the new Managing Editor (Art & Design). We have since published (and printed) two issues: 16.1 and the recent marine-themed 16.2. The latter has stories that span oceans, highlighting the ecology of killer whales, the need to protect swimways, the history of ambergris (whale vomit), and the use of bioacoustics in marine research, amongst other things. 

We have also continued to publish online-only articles, such as Hari Sridhar’s interview with Mac Chapin, who openly critiqued the functioning of three big conservation NGOs at the turn of the millenium. 18 years later, he talks about why he wrote the article, the storm it created, and the relationship between conservation NGOs and indigenous peoples today. By way of comic relief, we give you this rib-tickling piece on the afflictions that plague conservationists in the ‘Official Shockington Guide to Conservation Ailments And Diseases’.

Finally, here are some social segments that did really well in the last few months:

  1. Introducing Indian state butterflies for September’s Big Butterfly Month. 

2. Amazing Adaptations: A series which explores the ingenious ways in which animals and plants have managed to adapt to new or changing environments.

3. Celebrating the Sherdukpen tribe with Tripti Shukla, a collaborative segment on communities in conservation.

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