Communicating science through art is more relevant than ever

by Shruti Sunderraman



What a year it has been for Current Conservation! Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, we end 2020 on a somewhat happy note. We have a great new website,  and an exciting partnership with the Society for Conservation Biology, the largest community of conservation scientists and practitioners in the world. And we crossed 10 K followers on Instagram!


We’ve added more to the CC family this year. We have Dhanya Bharath, a former undergraduate from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, working as our editorial intern, while Upasana Chadha and Shivani Shenoy, undergraduates from the Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore, have joined CC as design interns. 


This is also the year when we took Current Conservation to Mumbai (though it seems like an eon ago). CC was the official content partner for Y3K: Planet Lost & Found, a full-day event themed to reflect on growing conversations around climate change, conservation, and sustainability. In Mumbai, the team organised a conservation-themed zine making workshop that was received enthusiastically. The team is also partnering with Round Glass Sustain for content on the publication’s website and its social media platforms. 



We’ve produced four issues as always. Current Conservation 14.1, and 14.2 feature a repertoire of fantastic voices in science and ecology (with Rom Whitaker returning to write for us). A portion of Current Conservation 14.2 dedicated to Freshwater Conservation was guest edited by Ferenc Jordán, the Director of the Balaton Limnological Institute in Hungary. 14.3 introduces new contributors while 14.4 will introduce two women columnists as a part of our diversity initiative.


Most excitingly, we also have a new website for Current Conservation after a gap of six years! We are most grateful to the folks at the design agency, 3SidedCoin who created a fantastic new website for us. They have worked tirelessly with the team, smartly integrating our reservoir of illustrated work to reflect CC’s values as a magazine.  We’re also launching a newsletter with the website in an endeavour to engage better with our audience.


We’re excited about what the coming year holds for the magazine! Stay tuned.


We would like to thank Dysco for the image. 


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