Anand James Tirkey (James)

Field Assistant & Boat Operator

James is the Base Coordinator at ANET. James has extensive research experience in forestry research, including censusing and data entry, herpetology research, birding and mangrove censusing. James is from Badakhadi village in Rutland, South Andaman and speaks Hindi, English and Sadri. He is analytical and rigorous, and in an alternate universe, an award-winning researcher. His scientific temperament and experience makes his advice invaluable to planning new projects. He hides from the limelight and can be exceedingly polite, but volleyball and table tennis can bring out his competitive side. You will know you have been accepted when he makes the occasional snide remark to pull your leg. He is also a keen naturalist; take a walk around the base with James and you are guaranteed to learn more than from any book.

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