Caleb Daniel G

Research Affiliate

Qualifications: Masters in Ecology and Environmental Science, Pondicherry University


Profile: I have been fascinated by the natural world and the animals in it for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I approached a lot of disciplines which fostered an element of being outdoors and working in wild systems. In that journey, I found a deep fascination towards reptiles and amphibians. I eventually started volunteering and working in various studies in herpetology and completed my masters in Ecology and Environmental science from Pondicherry University to further my commitment to academia. In the past I have worked towards understanding life history, thermal, nutritional and behavioural trade-offs towards anthropogenic disturbances, invasive species spread and climate change effects, mostly on lizards. Currently, I am carrying out a study to determine the threat that tourism poses to native biodiversity of herpetofauna and birds in the Andaman Islands.

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