Prof. Daniel Brockington

Till November 2015, Dr. Dan B worked as a Professor of Conservation and Development at the School of Environment, Education and Development (at the Institute for Development Policy and Management) at the University of Manchester. Before moving to Manchester, he worked at the Geography Departments of the universities of Cambridge and Oxford at the Global Development Institute. He is now the Director of the Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID), at the University of Sheffield.

With rich work experience in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India, he has worked extensively in Tanzania on livelihood change, natural resource governance, microfinance and institutional performance.

His Interests
1.Working on global overviews of the social impacts of protected areas, media and conservation and continental-wide examinations of the work of conservation NGOs in sub-Saharan Africa.
2.Conducting long term field research in remote areas of East Africa but he also
learns much from studying organizations and the occasional plush fundraising event.

His recent works
He is currently working on a new research programme which explores trends in agricultural change, livelihoods and prosperity.

Recently authored books

  • Duffy, R., St John, F., Büscher, B. and Brockington, D. 2015. The militarization of anti-poaching: Undermining long term goals? Environmental Conservation 42 (4): 345-348.
  • Brockington, D and Wilkie, D. 2015. Protected areas and poverty. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 370: 20140271.
  • Brockington, D. 2015. Towards an International Understanding of the Power of Celebrity Persuasions. A Review and a Research Agenda. Celebrity Studies 6 (4): 486-504.
  • Brockington, D. 2015. Celebrity advocacy: international and comparative perspectives. Celebrity Studies 6 (4): 393-398.
  • Brockington, D. 2015. El poder perdurable de la Conservación Fortaleza en África. Nova Africa 32 (Enero 2015).
  • Brockington, D. and Henson, S. 2015. ‘Signifying the Public: Celebrity Advocacy and post-democratic politics’ International Journal of Cultural Studies. 18(4): 431-448.
  • Castree, N., Adams, W.M., Barry, J., Brockington, D., Büscher, B., Corbera, E., Demeritt, D., Duffy, R., Neves, K., Newell, P., Pellizzoni, L., Rigby, K., Robbins, P., Robin, L., Rose, D.B., Ross, A., Schlosberg, D., Sörlin, S., West, P., Whitehead, M. and Wynne, B. 2014. ‘Changing the Intellectual Climate.’ Nature Climate Change 4 (9): 763-8.
  • Brockington, D. and Banks, N. 2014. Exploring the Success of BRAC Tanzania’s Microfinance Programme. Brooks World Poverty Institute Working Paper 202.
  • Brockington, D. 2014. ‘The Production and Performance of Authenticity: the work of celebrity in international development.’ Third World Quarterly 35(1): 88-108
  • Brockington, D (2009) Celebrity and the Environment. Fame, Wealth and Power in Conservation. Zed
  • Brockington, D, Duffy, R, Igoe, J (2008) Nature Unbound. Conservation, Capitalism and the Future of Protected Areas. Earthscan

Recent edited books

  • Brockington, D, Duffy, R (2011) Capitalism and Conservation. Wiley-Blackwell

Recent book contributions

  • Brockington, D (2009) ‘Celebrity Conservation’, In Celebrity Colonialism: Fame, Representation, and Power in Colonial and Post-Colonial Cultures. ed. Robert Clarke

Recent journal articles

  • Holmes, G, Scholfield, K, Brockington, D (2012) A Comparison of Global Conservation Prioritization Models with Spatial Spending Patterns of Conservation Nongovernmental Organizations. Conservation Biology, 26 (4): 602-609.
  • Buscher, B, Brockington, D, Igoe, J, Neves, K and Sullivan, S (2012) Towards a consolidated critique of Neoliberal Biodiversity Conservation. Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, 23 (2): 4-30.
  • Brockington, D (2012) ‘A Radically Conservative Vision? The Challenge of UNEP’s Towards a Green Economy’. Development and Change, 43 (1): 409-422.
  • Oldekop, JA, Bebbington, AJ, Brockington, D, and Preziosi, RF (2010) ‘Understanding the Lessons and Limitations of Conservation and Development’. Conservation Biology, 24 (2): 461-9.
  • Homewood, K, Brockington, D and Sullivan, S (2010) ‘Alternative view of Serengeti Road’. Nature, 467: 788-9.
  • Dressler, W, Büscher, B, Schoon, M, Brockington, D, Hayes, T, Kull, C, McCarthy, J, and Streshta, K (2010) ‘From Hope to Crisis and Back Again? A Critical History of the Global CBNRM Narrative’. Environmental Conservation, 37 (1): 5-15. [2; 10]
  • Brockington, D. (2008) ‘Corruption, Taxation, Democracy and Natural Resource Management in Tanzania’. Journal of Development Studies, 44: 103-126.
  • Brockington, D (2008) Powerful Environmentalisms. Conservation, Celebrity and Capitalism.” Media, Culture and Society, 30: 551-568.

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