Gayathri Loka

Research Assistant- Art, Community and Engagement Program

Qualification: MA Television Journalism

Profile: Story telling is something I truly believe has a lot of impact. Everyone has a story to tell. Whether it is a person on a bus or a turtle on the beach.  I think that sharing each others stories can educate people and bring them closer. This holds true especially when it comes to conserving and co-exisiting with animals.  Wildlife documentaries have always been a passion for me, whether it is filming, editing or even watching them. I have taken my media skills and  applied it to the field of conservation because I think it is the most powerful tool and can truly make a difference.

Earlier I have worked with various media houses like BBC, ABC,CNN-IBN and more. I have also worked with National Geographic photographers and production houses for the History Channel, Smithsonian Channel and Discovery.

At Dakshin I am a Research Assistant for the Art, Community and Engagement Program. I  manage their social media, website and other internal and external communication.

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