Kabini Amin

Programme Officer – Art, Community and Engagement
What are we here to do 
but behold the grace of a leaf,
the skill of a hunt,
the dazzle of a sunset,
the wit of a mushroom?
What kind of role can art, poetics and performance play in conservation?
My inclination as a designer has been towards understanding and expressing the big-picture narratives of nature, and our place within it.
A lot of my work so far have been attempts to transcribe an embodied experience of the relationship we have with our environment.
With a background in communication design, I hope to be able to effectively translate scientific knowledge and research, through various media, to diverse audiences.  I am also interested in testing out design and communication interventions for specific communities, that can bring together scientific and artistic methods and add to a collective understanding of environmental concerns.
As a program officer I co-ordinate the outreach and media content for Dakshin, and hope to integrate artistic methods with ongoing and upcoming projects in it’s conception, execution and outreach potential.

E-mail: kabini.amin@dakshin.org

Website: http://cargocollective.com/kabiniamin

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