Karishma Modi

Research Assistant – Environmental Education

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Economics), University of Pune, 2011

Email: karishma@dakshin.org
Profile: My journey into the world of education began in 2006, with observing four classes at the DoorStep School (Pune) to understand the teachers’ practices as they taught anganwadi, balwadi levels basic rhymes and stories in Marathi and Hindi and primary levels, basic English. This created in me, very early on, an awareness about the immanent need of education for teachers’ narratives to be listened to and recorded. This ability to observe, listen and record teachers’ experiences makes me adept at being able to help identify the challenges faced in curriculum delivery.
I have worked with a diverse range of learning environments, learners, paedagogues, paedagogies, content and materials and, naturally, I have had experience using existing content; developing materials for myself as well as developing materials for others. I also ensure that all materials I develop are a result of critical reflection. I have taught English, speech and drama, Social Studies and engaged with a wide variety of learners. My particular interest in using theatre and aesthetic experiences in formal education as a safe way for stakeholders to express their needs and opinions to each other is something that I find very useful in designing and conducting teacher training programmes. In 2016-17, I had the opportunity to develop these ideas over ten sessions training a dozen Teach For India fellows to help make their classrooms more reflective spaces using aesthetic experiences.
My first foray into education was unplanned and unintentional. However, over the years, my varied experiences have crystallised into a deep investment in what happens behind the scenes of learning.
I am pursuing a Master’s course from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, which is an additional set of skills I am adding to my repertoire.

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