Madhuri Mondal

Programme Officer – Community Wellbeing and Environment


Qualifications: M.A. Natural Resources & Governance, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (2016-2018), B.E Information Technology, Osmania University, 2009


Profile: Growing up in the Andamans and living close to the rainforest and coastal ecosystems, Madhuri has always been fascinated by them. She gave up my career as a software engineer to be close to nature again and to work towards environmental sustainability. During her course with TISS, she became interested in studying human-nature interactions and socio-ecological systems. For her Master’s dissertation, she studied the resource dependence and factors influencing community’s perceptions towards Mahatma Gandhi marine national park in South Andaman. She is interested in analyzing the role of institutions in managing resources in the globalizing world. Her other interests are birding, documenting biodiversity and environmental education.

At Dakshin, she works with the Community Wellbeing and Environment Programme. It is a new programme which aims to initiate interventions to improve both community health and environmental health in the fishing communities of Odisha and Andamans. The goal of the programme is to empower the coastal communities, strengthen the community institutions and in the long-term engage with them in coastal and marine resource management.


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