Mallika Vaznaik

Research Associate

Programme: Galgibag project, Goa

Qualifications: BSc. (honors) Philosophy, Politics and Economics [University of Warwick], MSc. Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship [London School of Economics and Political Science].

Email: mallika@dakshin. org


I am an individual interested in innovative ways of solving social and environmental problems. Of Goan origin, I have in the past participated in a project associated with Olive Ridley Turtle conservation in Goa. I have also volunteered in the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue station in Vietnam and am a trained Conservation Ambassador from the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. I have a wide range of experience in the development sector in areas including education, social enterprise, gender empowerment, environmental conservation and micro-finance, as well as in the commercial sector in areas including market research and business model innovation.

The two areas I am most passionate about are gender empowerment and ecology.  Within the field of ecology, I am interested in conservation management, political ecology  and designing systems conducive to maximizing human-wildlife cohesion. I specialise in socio-economic research, human-centered design, open innovation and systems thinking.

At Dakshin, I work as a Research Associate for the proposed turtle conservation reserve at Galgibaga, Goa. This includes conducting socio-economic surveys to understand the governance structures, livelihoods and dependence on coastal commons of coastal communities, as well as conducting ideation workshops to explore the feasibility of ecotourism around local ecosystems and species.

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