Prof. Mark Hamann

Professor Mark Hamann works with James Cook University. His research group focuses on two main themes; Biology and conservation of threatened marine and freshwater species – in particular marine and freshwater turtles, animal tracking, human dimensions and Understanding impacts of plastic pollution and other human-based threats on marine systems. His areas of interest are Marine wildlife biology and management, Plastic pollution impacts & solutions and Protected area management.
Barrios-Garrido H, Wildermann N, Diedrich A and Hamann M (2019) Conflicts and solutions related to marine turtle conservation initiatives in the Caribbean basin: identifying new challenges. Ocean and Coastal Management, 171. pp. 19-27
Article has an altmetric score of 1 Barrios-Garrido H, Palmar J, Wildermann N, Rojas-Cañizales D, Diedrich A and Hamann M (2018) Marine turtle presence in the traditional pharmacopoeia, cosmovision, and beliefs of Wayuú indigenous people. Chelonian Conservation and Biology, 17 (2). pp. 177-186
Article has an altmetric score of 11 Bauer-Civiello A, Loder J and Hamann M (2018) Using citizen science data to assess the difference in marine debris loads on reefs in Queensland, Australia. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 135. pp. 458-465
Article has an altmetric score of 8 D’Lima C, Everingham Y, Diedrich A, Mustika P, Hamann M and Marsh H (in press) Using multiple indicators to evaluate the sustainability of dolphin-based wildlife tourism in rural India. Journal of Sustainable Tourism,
Article has an altmetric score of 807 Duncan E, Broderick A, Fuller W, Galloway T, Godfrey M, Hamann M, Limpus C, Lindeque P, Mayes A, Omeyer L, Santillo D, Snape R and Godley B (in press) Microplastic ingestion ubiquitous in marine turtles. Global Change Biology,
Article has an altmetric score of 72 Hays G, Alcoverro T, Christianen M, Duarte C, Hamann M, Macreadie P, Marsh H, Rasheed M, Thums M, Unsworth R, York P and Esteban N (2018) New tools to identify the location of seagrass meadows: marine grazers as habitat indicators. Frontiers in Marine Science, 5.
Article has an altmetric score of 8 Jones K, Jensen M, Burgess G, Leonhardt J, van Herwerden L, Hazel J, Hamann M, Bell I and Ariel E (2018) Closing the gap: mixed stock analysis of three foraging populations of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) on the Great Barrier Reef. PeerJ, 6.
Article has an altmetric score of 4 Miller R, Marsh H, Cottrell A and Hamann M (2018) Protecting migratory species in the Australian marine environment: a cross-jurisdictional analysis of policy and management plans. Frontiers in Marine Science, 5.
Article has an altmetric score of 23 Riskas K, Tobin R, Fuentes M and Hamann M (2018) Evaluating the threat of IUU fishing to sea turtles in the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia using expert elicitation. Biological Conservation, 217. pp. 232-239
Article has an altmetric score of 1 Zeh D, Heupel M, Hamann M, Jones R, Limpus C and Marsh H (2018) Evidence of behavioural thermoregulation by dugongs at the high latitude limit to their range in eastern Australia. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 508. pp. 27-34
Article has an altmetric score of 41 Barrios-Garrido H, Espinoza-Rodriguez N, Rojas-Cañizales D, Palmar J, Wildermann N, Montiel-Villalobos M and Hamann M (2017) Trade of marine turtles along the Southwestern Coast of the Gulf of Venezuela. Marine Biodiversity Records, 10.
Article has an altmetric score of 6 Cleguer C, Garrigue C, Fuentes M, Everingham Y, Hagihara R, Hamann M, Payri C and Marsh H (2017) Drivers of change in the relative abundance of dugongs in New Caledonia. Wildlife Research, 44 (4). pp. 365-376

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