Meghana S Teerthala

Senior Programme Associate – Sustainable Fisheries

Qualifications: M.Sc.Wildlife Science, Amity University, Noida, 2021

B.Sc. Agriculture Science, Padmabhushan Vasant Dada Patil College of Agriculture, Pune, 2019


Profile: Meghana has always been fascinated by marine wildlife and during her master’s program, she conducted all her academic projects on various aspects of marine wildlife. For her master’s dissertation, she worked on the sandy beach ecosystem evaluating the anthropogenic factors influencing the abundance of crustaceans and molluscs. During this period, she got an opportunity to interact with small-scale fishers in the Udupi district of Karnataka which sparked her interest in understanding the importance of sustainable fisheries in marine conservation. During her internship with Dusty Foot Production, she conducted secondary research for the UNDP-GCF communication project titled “Enhancing Climate Resilience of India’s Coastal Communities in Odisha, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh” and worked on the management of the database. This helped her understand the vulnerability of coastal communities and the importance of social science in the field of conservation.

She joined Dakshin Foundation in December 2021 as a Programme Assistant with the Sustainable Fisheries Programme on a project aiming to understand the ecological, economic and social impacts of reduction fisheries in India. Currently, as a Senior Programme Associate, her role mainly involves data collection and analysis, report writing, planning and implementation of project activities at a programmatic level. She works in the coastal states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra across different projects. Her interests lie in understanding the intersection of conservation, resource sustainability and livelihood security. In her free time, she likes to communicate her field experiences and stories through creative mediums.