Naveen Ekka

Operations Manager

Naveen Ekka is one of our longest serving employees and currently serves as the Operations and Purchases Manager at ANET. He is a certified diver with field experience in marine research, birding, snake handling and turtle surveys. Having served various roles at the base as well as at field sites, he is full of stories. Naveen is from Badakhadi village in Rutland, South Andaman and speaks Hindi and Sadri. He might seem absent-minded, confused or forgetful on an average day, but he has an unmatched sharpness in the field, both in the forest and the sea. Naveen is unassuming and modest, but a master of subaltern skills – he can climb most trees, handle venomous snakes, brew rice beer and also spin a fire poi. His quick wit and unrestrained laughter can make you feel welcome immediately.

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