Samyuktha Varma

Profile: Samyuktha Varma is a writer and researcher based in Bangalore, India. She has a Masters in Gender and Social Policy from the London School of Economics and has worked with NGOs, large and small, across South Asia on issues such as social protection, natural resource management and agriculture, and waste and its reuse. Samyuktha has a longstanding interest in how challenging topics are communicated to broader audiences. She co-authored Out of Water – From Abundance to Scarcity and How to Solve the World’s Water Problems, published by the Financial Times Press in 2010. She is the co-founding editor of Broken Toilets, a global development and culture magazine. She co-produces a podcast called In the Field with Radhika Viswanathan, which is a show that attempts to capture India’s development story, as it happens, through a feature-style podcast that combines interviews, commentary, and debate

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