Sarojini Tirkey

Kitchen and Housekeeping Assistant – ANET

Sarojini Tirkey is a kitchen and housekeeping staff at ANET with a longstanding relationship with the field station and its people. She works conscientiously at managing resources and people in the kitchen and contributes to cleaning rooms and keeping them more than liveable. Saroj is from Badakhadi village in Rutland and speaks Hindi and Sadri. She is observant, opinionated and assertive – a no-nonsense elder sister to many who live at or float through ANET. She also holds extensive knowledge of plants in and around the property, expertly using them in food and medicine. But Saroj also has a lighter side; she is quick to laugh and makes everyone laugh with her emotive and witty stories. She is a dreamer and a tenacious doer; she balances imagination and practicality while parenting her two lively sons. 

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