Saw Thesorow

Boat Captain, Thisopa & Field Assistant

Thesorow is the Boat Captain for the research vessel Thisopa and Maintenance Assistant. He is a regular and experienced staff member for annual sea turtle surveys and has excellent working knowledge of the seascape around Wandoor. At base maintenance, he is especially skilled in woodworking and weaving bamboo. Each year, he spends several months at West Bay, a remote turtle camp in Little Andaman assisting with data collection on leatherbacks. Thesorow is from Mayabundar in North Andaman and speaks Hindi, English and Karen. He is a patient teacher and a perfectionist, who will make sure that you learn how to make mats, how to cut with a dao or how to tie knots, even if it takes too many attempts. But he is a stickler for time and would not think twice about leaving you on field if you are late. If you cross him, you can make amends; he has a sweet tooth.

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