Shalini Das

Project Assistant – Community Wellbeing and Environment

Qualifications: M.A. Development, Azim Premji University, Bangalore (2017-2019), M.A. in Economics, North Odisha University, Odisha (2014-2016)

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Profile: I was always interested in understanding how economic wellbeing can lead to upliftment in the living conditions of marginal communities. Later, during my M.A. in Development, I developed a keen interest in health & wellbeing of marginal communities. For my master’s dissertation, I studied health issues faced by women migrant labourers of Bangalore city and explored how women struggle for economic security with poor health conditions. I interned with Karnataka Health Promotion Trust, Bangalore on a project on Non-Communicable Diseases. Through a field visit to Karuna trust, I learnt about the decentralisation of the health system through public-private partnership.

I recognise the intersectionality of health & ecology where environmental issues such as waste management, water pollution, availability of nutritious food etc. have a direct implication on health. Thus, I am keen to work on environmental management that facilities economic opportunities & improve the wellbeing of marginalised communities. I believe that every development action is interwoven with the economics of daily life and any intervention must be viewed from the perspective of people involved in it.

Currently, I am working as a project assistant for the Community Wellbeing and Environment programme in Dakshin.

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