Shimul Bijoor

B.A. Environmental Studies and Policy
Conservation is as much a social, political, economic, and cultural effort as it is ecological. As such, I’m particularly interested in human interactions with the environment, decision making processes, and the involvement of various actors in governing natural resources.

While completing my Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies an Policy in Pune, I worked part time with Oxford’s Centre for Experimental Social Sciences designing interventions for addressing cases of domestic violence in Maharashtra. At Dakshin, I work as a Project Assistant with the Andaman and Nicobar Environment Team. We began our research with trying to understand the governance of Marine Protected Areas in the Andaman Islands, and now focus on the role of tourism in governing natural resources on the islands. I am keen on exploring the relationship between “development” of tourism and the conservation and management of natural resources, and am now looking at how the islands are handling them both with their current systems of public infrastructure.



Technical reports:

Bijoor, S., Sharma, D., & Ramesh, M. (2018). Management of Marine Protected Areas in the Andaman Islands: A Case Study of Two Protected Areas.


Popular articles:

Sharma, D., Bijoor, S., & Ramesh, M. (2018). Development in Andaman and Nicobar Islands – for tourism or by tourism? Andaman Chronicle.

Bijoor, S. (2018). At ANET: A Social Science Intern in a Sea of Biologists. The Andaman Chronicle.

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