Tara Braganza

CIS Coordinator

Qualifications: MA in Development, Azim Premji University, Bangalore (2017-2019)

Email: tara.braganza@dakshin.org

Profile: Tara has an avid interest in the natural world and where it overlaps into the human world. Her experiences till now have taught her that change comes from not only technical or theoretical knowledge and skills, but also listening to others, reflecting, and adapting to situations. Her Master’s dissertation looked into the impact of building and expansion of highways through villages, farmland and forested areas, and what the implication of such development is on local communities. This topic was of interest to her, as it allowed for a dynamic exploration of both social and ecological components. Subsequently, her experience working with multiple groups – weavers, women, farmers – across rural Andhra Pradesh has provided Tara with a wide perspective of socio-ecological systems.
Tara’s work in Dakshin is with the Andaman & Nicobar Environment Team (ANET), as Coordinator of Center for Island Sustainability (CIS). CIS is a multidisciplinary research center that covers a range of vital themes of contemporary significance to the islands ranging from scientific conservation research to community interactions.

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