Trisha Gupta

Research Assistant – Biodiversity and Resource Monitoring

M.Sc. Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, Ghent University, Belgium, 2016

B.Sc. Zoology, Chemistry and Botany, Christ University, Bangalore, 2014


I’ve been fascinated by the ocean from a very young age, and always looked for any excuse to be by the water. My research interests lie in exploring the impact of human activities on marine systems. I studied Lesser Black-backed Gull chicks for my master’s dissertation, looking at the effect of anthropogenic stressors on their development. I joined Dakshin Foundation in January 2017, working on bycatch of sea snakes from fishing vessels at Malvan, Maharashtra. Building up on this project, I started working on different types and aspects of fisheries bycatch. My study is currently focused on understanding commercially-used bycatch such as elasmobranchs and trash fish. I’m interested in using a multi-disciplinary approach that combines ecology and socio-economics for the better management of fisheries and conservation of marine ecosystems.



Commercialisation of fisheries bycatch

Sea snakes of Maharashtra


Effect of fishing practices on species assemblages of sea snakes off the Sindhudurg coast of Maharashtra, India – Final Report

Gupta, T.; Santos, C.S.A.; Sotillo, A.; De Neve, L.; Stienen, E.W.M.; Müller, W.; Lens, L. Nutritional Stress Causes Heterogeneous Relationships with Multi-Trait FA in Lesser Black-Backed Gull Chicks: An Aviary Experiment. Symmetry 20168, 133.

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