V V Satya Sainath Pilla

Programme Officer – Communities and Resource Governance

Qualifications: B.Sc. Agriculture, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,
Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Extension Management, MANAGE.

Email: satyasainath@dakshin.org


After graduation, Satya Sainath entered the development sector to contribute to wider processes of societal good. He designed, implemented, and sustained interventions on concerns around tribal entitlements and local governance, livelihoods, public health, pre-school education, nutritive – sensitive agriculture, and tribal and indigenous food systems while working with social impact organisations.

He worked in collaboration with various stakeholders, including community members, CSOs, different state government departments and NITI Aayog projects. These activities aimed at improving last-mile government service delivery of maternal and child health nutrition schemes, decentralised agricultural models and undertaking advocacy on rainfed agriculture policies.

Growing up in coastal Andhra Pradesh and Yanam, Puducherry, he felt intimately connected to coastal communities and natural resource management challenges, and he has always wanted to work on these issues.

He works with the Communities and Resource Governance Programme at Dakshin, on a project that aims at improving socio-economic resilience among fisher communities in the face of pandemic-related immobility and disruptions to governance within the fisheries sector.

He cherishes giving voice to the unheard through documenting their success and challenges.


  • V.V Satya Sainath, Siripurapu, KK., 2021. Wading Over the Muddy Fields – The Wandering Duck Pastoralists of Andhra Pradesh, India
  • V.V Satya Sainath, Siripurapu, KK., 2021. The Bio-Cultural Diversity of Jowar / Sorghum – Atukula Panduga of the Indigenous Gond Community of Asifabad district, Telangana State.

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