Environmental Law Omnibus

Aarthi Sridhar, Marianne Manuel

The Environmental Law Omnibus (ELO) was designed as a one-stop e-portal for laws pertaining to the environment in India.  The site (that is presently being redesigned) offered interviews, articles, legal critiques, court judgements, gazetted and scanned texts of laws and more. The site also comprised an Environmental Law Guide that helped demystify and highlight salient clauses in various laws, enhancing the understanding of legal frameworks as effective tools for environmental protection. 

The ELO was envisioned as being an open and common source-platform that would be collectively owned and developed by multiple organisations, groups and individuals. In this manner, the Omnibus would not only reflect diverse legal perspectives but also facilitate cooperation between environmental NGOs and citizens grappling with legal questions and the role of law in promoting an environmentally conscious and empowered society.

Currently, the ELO website is offline, and we are in the process of raising funds to carry out a redesign and relaunch of the site as soon as possible.

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