Biodiversity and Resource Monitoring

The BRM programme aims at filling critical gaps in our current knowledge of the oceans through long-term and collaborative monitoring of select ecosystems, marine biodiversity and fishery resources. As a marine research NGO striving towards the sustainable and democratic development of India’s marine systems, Dakshin works in areas of high resource dependency with communities that are most vulnerable to conservation action or the lack thereof. We find that such communities are stewards of immense knowledge pertaining to the natural marine world, its ecological intricacies and balances. Unfortunately, information pertaining to the natural system is rarely exchanged between local communities, scientists and governing bodies due to the barriers of language, education and specialisation. Therefore, local communities are seldom involved in resource assessment or management decision-making despite being the direct beneficiaries dependent on ecosystem services. The lack of locally relevant, issue-specific information also hampers sensible decision-making, often leading to rapid inequitable and unsustainable measures for resource management and exploitation. Our interventions aim to improve the understanding of marine systems by decentralising knowledge to empower stakeholder communities and to ensure their direct involvement in decision-making. Our work includes information generation from both, researchers and local communities, through networking and outreach.

The BRM programme consists of two thematic sub-programmes:

Sustainable Fisheries

Focusing on fisheries and fishing communities to develop transparent, collaborative and participatory strategies for the sustainable and equitable use of marine resources.

Marine Flagships

Using sea turtles, sea snakes and other charismatic megafauna as central themes for addressing issues pertaining to fisheries, coastal development and global change.