Community Wellbeing and Environment

Community health and ecosystem health are inextricably linked. The sustainability of coastal ecosystems and fisheries requires social welfare and wellbeing of fishing communities. The Community Wellbeing and Environment (CWE) Programme aims to improve community health of fishing communities and to build their capacity to manage coastal & marine resources towards the long-term wellbeing of both the communities and their ecosystems. The CWE programme focuses on integrated approaches that target positive health and environmental outcomes.

Human health plays a key role in the viability of livelihoods dependent on natural resources like those of the fishing communities. Multiple pressures like decline of fisheries, climate change and large-scale industrial fishing have created an environment in which life has become physically and mentally unhealthy in marine fishing villages. Strengthening healthcare systems by building the capacity of the village institutions and community health workers is vital for the long-term social and environmental sustainability of these coastal villages.

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