A flutter of the olden ways: The Learning Lab in April 2021

By Karishma Modi | Moumita Bhowmick and Aplonia Topno are the young, local teachers from the Andaman Islands who joined the Islands of Wisdom project of Dakshin Foundation’s Environmental Education programme in 2018. When the project began under the Wipro Applying Thought in Schools grant in 2017, the primary, direct beneficiaries of our work were students of classes 3 to 5 from in and around the South Andaman village of Wandoor. Although the classes we conducted after-school hours three times a week were restricted to students in classes 3 to 5, our fledgling library was open to children of all ages. 

After scarcely more than a year of engaging with our two, bright local teachers, we began to notice the power of the community in supporting young children in their education.


A Fantastic First Quarter

By Devathi Parashuram and Greta Ann Sam | The small but dedicated Current Conservation team has had a great start to 2021. At the beginning of February, we were all smiles, meeting for the first time in person, after almost a year of working remotely from different cities.

While we were busy with the COVID-delayed printing and distribution of all four issues from last year (Volume 14), we were simultaneously putting together the first issue of this year, which was published recently. We initiated content partnerships with two organizations—India-based Nature in Focus and Africa-centric Maliasili—and look forward to seeing them develop through the year.


Communicating science through art is more relevant than ever

By Shruti Sunderraman | What a year it has been for Current Conservation! Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, we end 2020 on a somewhat happy note. We have a great new website,  and an exciting partnership with the Society for Conservation Biology, the largest community of conservation scientists and practitioners in the world. And we  crossed 10 K followers on Instagram!

We’ve added more to the CC family this year. We have Dhanya Bharath, a former undergraduate from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, working as our editorial intern, while Upasana Chadha and Shivani Shenoy, undergraduates from the Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore, have joined CC as design interns.