On the Communications Track

by Pragya Solanki



At Dakshin, communications consists of four components – communicating with the general public, strengthening internal communications, building a network and support system for our partner organizations, and improving the existing programmatic communications with project stakeholders. The Covid-19 pandemic derailed us from our planned trajectory for these. However, the pandemic also offered us an opportunity to reimagine our ways of engagement at various levels. 


Stepping up to the challenges, the Communications Team helped in Dakshin’s relief work by coordinating the fundraising efforts and organizing the crowdfunding campaign. Many of our team members participated in various webinars and panel discussions on varied themes during this period. Besides webinars, ‘The Shore Scene’, a collaboration with The Bastion, saw a series of articles being written by various team members, facilitated by the Communications Team. We are in the process of facilitating a phase two of this collaboration. 


We have also been working on a new social media strategy, as a part of which we have been trying to streamline the process of creating content with the help of individual programmes. We have also initiated many new content buckets for our social media, such as #Unjargon, #DakshinRecommends and #IntheSameBoat, among others. We are now active on LinkedIn as well. We will be relaunching #KhaneKeLiyeBachao or #SavetoSavour, a campaign to create awareness about our food systems and usage of resources, and the need to sustain them.  Beyond Social Media, we are working on a strategy for publishing articles by the team. Our internal communications were recharged by virtual coffee sessions every month, along with our first virtual Annual Meet. We are exploring different ways of increasing our engagement and outreach. 


We have a lot of interesting plans and ideas in store and we are all very excited to see where they take us. 


We would like to thank The Bastion for the images. 


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