Our SeaChange journey – February 2024

  • Workshop at the village level in the Ramanathapuram district

  • Social media workshop for CGF fellows in Ramnad

  • Karangadu village expo

  • Olaikuda village expo

  • Thaneer Ootru village expo

  • Beach clean-up at Thaneer Ootru

  • Beach clean-up event in Olaikuda

  • Waste collection at Palk Bay

Tamil Nadu

In the expansive coastal stretch of Tamil Nadu, workshops at the village level in the Ramanathapuram district delved into the entitlements of small-scale fish workers, while exhibitions in Thanneer Ootru, Olaikuda and Karangadu shed light on the area’s profound fishing heritage. The social media workshop for Coastal Grassroots Fellows in Ramnad helped in harnessing the power of social media to amplify their voices. Initiatives such as beach cleanups at Thaneer Ootru and Olaikuda in Tamil Nadu zeroed in on the meticulous separation of plastic from other forms of waste, making a significant contribution to fostering a cleaner and healthier environment. Partnering with Saahas Zero Waste, we also studied the realities of plastic and livelihoods in five districts along Tamil Nadu’s southeastern coast.

  • Stall organised during the Open Day event

  • The health and sports stall set up for the Open Day

  • Ultimate Frisbee sessions at Nolia Nuagaon High School

  • Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) screening at Gokurkhuda Cyclone Shelter


In Odisha, an Open Day became the hub for the community, government, and organisations to facilitate a deeper understanding of sustainable practices. Adding a vibrant touch to both physical and environmental conversations, weekly Ultimate Frisbee sessions at Nolia Nuagaon High School became a spirited addition. We also organised a Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) screening at Gokurkhuda Cyclone Shelter in Odisha to shed light on NCDs like hypertension and diabetes, emphasising the need for regular health screenings in areas where distances create  barriers.

  • School outreach programme in Sindhudurg district

  • Distribution of posters in Malvan


In Maharashtra, our efforts are centred around promoting responsible seafood consumption and diet diversification through school outreach programmes. We also engaged with over 200 fishers and tourists at the Malvan fish landing centre emphasising the significance of small fish in local diets.

  • Football camp at Wandoor

  • Open Day at ANI

  • E-cart training

  • Coastal cleanup at North Wandoor Beach

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

In the serene Andaman Islands, the heartbeat of community engagement resonated through an enlightening Open Day. Wrapping up a two-month football coaching programme with a spirited two-day mini-tournament in ANI added a lively chapter. In collaboration with various stakeholders, we are taking steps towards sustainable waste management in Wandoor.  Our team made this possible by changing user behaviour, expanding the collection radius and efficiency, and improving the panchayat’s financial and planning capacity. Read more about the e-cart training and collective steps taken for better solid waste management in ANI.

  • Fish for the Future calendar

  • Octopus fishery outreach material

  • Baitfish outreach material


In Lakshadweep Islands, our outreach continues with the publication of the Fish for the Future calendar, baitfish resources, octopus outreach materials, and more.