Our SeaChange journey – June 2024

  • Exposure visit to Kerala

  • Small-scale fishworker entitlements workshop

  • Deep clean event at Karangadu

  • Deep clean event at Morpannai

  • Leadership workshop for CGF fellows

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu witnessed a flurry of activities aimed at empowering coastal communities. An exposure visit to Kerala provided an opportunity for coastal youth fishers and micro-entrepreneurs from Tamil Nadu to interact with various fisheries-based small businesses, scientists, and researchers on topics like hygienic fish handling, improvisations in craft and gear, net mending etc. Community interns from the Sustainable Livelihoods team organised workshops in five villages, distributing booklets on existing entitlements and facilitating discussions on the challenges faced by fishers in availing these benefits. Deep clean drives were conducted in Karangadu and Morpannai villages, involving theatre performances and community engagement to promote waste management and environmental conservation. Additionally, a two-day leadership workshop was organised for Coastal Grassroots Fellowship (CGF) fellows, focusing on personal leadership development and a comprehensive review of the fellowship programme.

  • Menstrual Hygiene Day celebration

  • Exposure visit to Gram Vikas organisation

  • Exposure visit to Ekjut organisation

  • Consultation meeting with frontline health workers

  • Frisbee Masti event


In the coastal landscapes of Odisha, our SeaChange and Community Wellbeing and Environment (CWE) Programme teams celebrated Menstrual Hygiene Day under the theme “Together for a #PeriodFriendlyWorld”, with insightful discussions and interactive workshops taking place in Bhubaneswar. The Community Wellbeing and Environment team went on exposure visits to organisations  Gram Vikas and Ekjut, gaining invaluable insights into their water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), nutrition, and participatory learning initiatives. They also conducted consultation meetings with frontline health workers including ASHA, ANMs, and Anganwadi workers to understand the challenges encountered by frontline workers and strategise ways to enhance interaction and rapport with peripheral health workers. The ‘Frisbee Masti’ event brought school children together for educational games and an Ultimate Frisbee tournament as part of National Sports Day.

  • Small Fish, Big Tales stickers

  • Small Fish, Big Tales poster (Eng)

  • Kaasav Mahotsav festival participation


In the coastal stretches of Maharashtra, the Marine Flagships team members participated in the “Kaasav Mahotsav” festival, raising awareness about sea turtle conservation and the crucial role of local communities. Outreach in Malvan, Maharashtra continues with the publication of  posters, stickers and more.

  • NCD screening session at Wandoor

  • NCD screening session at Junglighat

  • Adolescent health workshop

  • Trainer-of-trainer session at ANET

  • Outreach sessions by Marine Flagships team

  • Inauguration of water purification plant at Junglighat

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

In the serene Andaman Islands, our ANI team conducted Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) screening sessions at Wandoor and Junglighat, in collaboration with health professionals, promoting early detection of lifestyle-related health issues through engaging activities as well as an adolescent health workshop focused on health issues, nutrition, and mental health awareness. The CWE team also organised training-of-trainer sessions on sexual and reproductive health for community youth and another session exploring approaches for addressing community mental health and well-being. The Marine Flagships team conducted outreach sessions on sea turtles in various schools and colleges across South Andaman. As a SeaChange initiative, a water purification plant was inaugurated at the Junglighat fish landing centre, addressing the ongoing and severe problem of drinking water scarcity for fishers working at harbours.

  • Outreach by Marine Flagships team

  • School outreach by Marine Flagships team

  • Release of handbook on sustainable octopus fishing practices

  • Discussion with Fishers Society members in Agatti

  • Honouring Ms Sareehath

  • Lagoon fest 2024


In the Lakshadweep Islands, the Marine Flagships team conducted interactive sessions with students in Agatti Island and Kadmat, raising awareness about marine ecology and the key principles of ecotourism. The Sustainable Fisheries team released a handbook on sustainable octopus fishing practices, developed in collaboration with local fishers and stakeholders. They also organised discussions with the executive members of the Fishers Society in Agatti on community-based catch monitoring initiatives as well as events to honour unsung heroes like Ms Sareehath, a respected octopus fisherwoman from Agatti Island. She was honoured for her expertise and contributions to our fishing community over the years. The Lagoon Fest celebrated the island’s nature and community through engaging activities like beach and lagoon cleanups, beach games, competitions, food festivals, and indigenous talks.