Commoning Coastal Odisha


Island Sustainability Pathways: Towards participatory fisheries governance in the Lakshadweep Islands


The Dried Fish Industry of Malvan: Supply chain, economy, and relationship with the fishmeal industry

Does fishing pressure affect the feeding ecology of sea snakes?

  Tourism Today in the Andaman Islands: An assessment of challenges through two case studies 


Management of Marine Protected Areas in the Andaman Islands: Two case studies  

Coastal Commons: A Glimpse into the Nature and Significance of Coastal Commons Spaces and Resources

Coastal Commons: A Glance at Relevant Laws

Minerals from the sea: Problem closure, neoliberalism and ocean grabbing in the Indian EEZ and beyond

Regulation and development: the emergence of ‘essential’
activities in Thoothukudi District, Tamil Nadu, India

Effect of fishing practices on species assemblages of sea snakes off the Sindhudurg coast of Maharashtra, India – Final Report

Representing Knowledge: LEK and Natural Resource Governance in India

Emergence and transformation of marine fisheries in the Andaman Islands

Collaborating for marine conservation and resource management in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Precaution in coastal regulation: From principle to practice

Claims for Survival: Coastal Land Rights of Fishing Communities

Planning for Vulnerability: The Hazards and Setbacks in Coastal Legislation

Harbouring Trouble: The Social and Environmental Upshot of Port Growth in India

Coastal Zone Management Notification ‘07 – Better or bitter fare?

Coastal Management Zone Notification ‘08 – The Last Nail in the Coffin

Review of the Swaminathan Committee Report on the CRZ Notification

Statement on the CRZ Notification and Post Tsunami Rehabilitation in Tamil Nadu


 Long-term Monitoring and Community-based Conservation of Olive Ridley Turtles in Odisha. CMPA Technical Series 


Advancing the conservation of sea turtles in India at a national scale through the monitoring of index sites, and coordination of coastal management efforts with a network of partners

Assessing and enhancing legislative provisions for natural resource conservation in the Gulf of Mannar

Review of the Environmental and Economic Aspects of the Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project

Management recommendations for the SSCP for the GoMBRT

Beyond the Tsunami. Macro and Mega Faunal Communities of Intertidal Ecosystems on the Tamil Nadu Coast, India. 

Beyond the Tsunami. Status of Fisheries in Tamil Nadu, India: A Snapshot of present and Long-Term trends. 

Trends and Patterns in Hydrology and Water Quality in Coastal Ecosystems and Upstream Catchments in Tamil Nadu , India. 

Beyond the Tsunami. Current Status of Mangroves in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, India, with Regard to Vegetation Community Perceptions and Policy. 

Beyond the Tsunami. Environmental Law Guide: An Analytical Guide for Deciphering Legal Content. 

Beyond the Tsunami. Coastal Sand Dunes of Tamil Nadu, India: An Overview 

Beyond the Tsunami. Community Perceptions of Resources , Policy and Development, Post-Tsunami Interventions and Community Institutions.