Sea Turtle Photo Identification Study

Calling all amateur and professional underwater photographers!

Have you been lucky enough to photograph sea turtles under Indian waters or photograph them during rehabilitation? If yes, we invite you to join Dakshin’s researchers for a non-invasive citizen science study that can help unravel the mysterious lives of these charming marine reptiles. 

Here’s what we need from you: 

  • Any high-resolution, clear image of the side facial profiles (both left and right will be ideal) of turtles you have seen in the water
  • A full-body image if available
  • Multiple photos of the same individual if possible

Curious to know how these images would help? The facial scale pattern of sea turtles is unique to the individual, just like stripes on a tiger. Your photographs will help us build a repository of individual sea turtles inhabiting the offshore waters of India and more specifically, it would help us: 

  • Reveal sea turtle migratory patterns
  • Understand the growth rate of individuals
  • Identify signs of disease or malnourishment
  • Standardize a machine-learning algorithm to identify individual turtles

If you have what we need, please fill in the details of your encounter in this google form and help us spread the word.

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