Wipro Earthian

Duration 2011 – 2018
Support Wipro
Location Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Kartik ShankarNaveen Namboothri

Initiated in 2011, Wipro earthian is a pan-India sustainability education programme designed for school and college students. Dakshin partnered with the earthian team to develop an activity-based learning module centred on biodiversity, which was launched in 2015. Dakshin Foundation helped build the biodiversity module, a booklet that contains detailed and intensive knowledge-building activities that encourage students to observe their local biodiversity, recognise local attitudes towards it, and to consider its influence on food, health, population and the economy. A programme designed for 7th-12th graders, the module looks to challenge students to think beyond their prescribed curriculum and explore and connect with their environment and beyond, sensitising them to a sustainable way of life.

Over the past 5 years, the earthian programme has reached out to over 6000 schools and 5000 colleges across India, breaking linguistic, economic and geographical barriers. To learn more about the programme, go to: http://www.wipro.org/earthian/

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