1st National Conference on Marine Turtle Conservation


Venue: Kadmat Island, Agatti

Dates: 2nd & 3rd December 2019

Organised by the Department of Environment and Forests, Lakshadweep and Dakshin Foundation, Bengaluru


Lakshadweep has a unique lagoon-coral reef ecosystem, which is a treasure trove of marine biodiversity including marine turtles. These marine turtles inhabit coral reefs, seagrass meadows, open seas and sandy beaches and share this world with the people living and working on the coast or at sea. The 1st National Conference on Marine Turtle Conservation will draw attention to the concerns of fishing communities, from across India, within the conservation paradigm and will address how conservation issues can be approached by enhancing the livelihoods of communities that depend on the resources and the environments also utilised by the turtles. In this context, discussions will focus on research and conservation management programs for turtles while keeping community needs in mind as well as enhancing the conservation and management of these species.

Turtles have complex life cycle where individuals move between different habitats and travel across the ocean for the purpose of foraging and breeding. Marine turtle species are recognised as “critically endangered”, “endangered” or “vulnerable” by the IUCN and listed as Schedule-I animal under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. This conference on marine turtle Conservation in Lakshadweep seeks to explore these connections and focus on the research and conservation currently active across the country.
As a strategy to support integrated and focused approach to protect Marine Turtles and to ensure the restoration of their natural habitat, the UT of Lakshadweep Administration has planned to organize the conference with the theme for 2019 being- Save Turtle. The conference is scheduled to be held on 2nd and 3rd of December 2019 at Kadmat Island, Union Territory of Lakshadweep organised by the Department of Environment & Forest, Lakshadweep Administration with the scientific and technical support of Dakshin Foundation, Bangalore. This conference is expected to provide a platform for sharing scientific & management knowledge among the stakeholders across the nation.
Keeping with the theme of the conference of research and conservation management, the sessions will include plenary lectures of scientists and research scholars working in the field of Marine Turtle Conservation from across the country and from various Institutes, student presentations and panel discussions with national marine turtle experts along with members of the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Lakshadweep administration.

For more details, please contact lakshadweepconference2019@gmail.com.

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